Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sir Unca J.!

I was tickled to find this tank top on one of my thrift store shopping excursions a few years ago.  I am wearing it today in honor of my brother's birthday!  
We are so excited and anxiously await a new little cousin!  Jeremy, on your birthday we bring you BIG CONGRATS  to you and beautiful Kristi,  much love,  joy, and laughter ( a delicious sampling of what you're in for ) !  Happy Birthday Unca J.!!! 

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Pops and I have birthdays just a couple of weeks apart.  In my card this year from him there were print outs of three different cabins in the mountains he had checked into, for a much needed family getaway.  So our birthday gift to each other this year, with a few generous contributions, was just that.  The best timing for the little vacation ended up being Mother's Day weekend.  I have far too much too say in one post about one of the most beautiful weekends of my life, so I decided to treat it as chapters of a story.  

Thank you My Love,
 for orchestrating such an incredible, and unforgettable time away. 
I can't wait to go back!

Our Enchanted Surroundings

Of course I love the Pines of the mountains, but on this trip I learned the beauty of the Manzanita trees.  They magically twist and curve and bloom.  Obviously, I couldn't get enough of them.

Buckley enjoyed them as well.

Perfect morning light.

Earth 'N' Fire

I begin and end this post with footage from what we've decided on as a must do, Idyllwild tradition.  This first one I found comical as Pops and I are having a sort of silent Mother's Day argument.  Awesome.  I love it.
When Pops asked me what I wanted to do for Mother's Day, I asked if we could go to the "paint your own pottery" place I saw.  He said he thought that sounded like a good idea, and asked if I had any requests.  I told him I just wanted Annabelle's hand prints on something but that the rest was up to them. His response was " I was hoping that's what you'd say."  And I saw the wheels begin to turn in his head.

Annie thought the first few prints were really fun, but she eventually got a little tired of being messed with.
Such a nice couple that owns Earth 'N' Fire.  They were really helpful, and happy to let our big Buckley dog join in the fun.  Matt, Annie, and Buckley made a shared piece of artwork for me that was so clever and BEAUTIFUL!!  A platter with little hand and paw prints artfully turned into flowers in a field.  Such a treasured gift and experience.
This is one of those memories that I thought would be great to watch with Miss Belle when she's older.  I'm so glad we did this!  

Evening View from the Porch Swing

The magic of the night forest.  Love the silhouettes.


Lake Fulmor

After we finished painting our pottery, we decided to walk around this lake.  We enjoyed it so much, that we came back the next day with lunch and a longer stay in mind.  

What a beautiful place to picnic.   Lovely stone tables everywhere, thoughtfully spaced for privacy, made for a delightful little family gathering by the water.

Lake Fulmor is loved by Lindens.