Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Best of Both

So blessed to call these two amazing Dad's mine.
My Dad, and My Love.

They just love...

and hold...

and kiss...
and hug...

and play...
and kiss some more...

and teach...

and read...
and gaze...
and comfort...
They beam when their children laugh, and hurt when they cry. They nurture, guide, protect, hope. They believe, cherish, embrace. They give and give and GIVE. They are the best.
Happy Father's Day to the both of you!
You are so loved.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Extended Hands...and Paws

My heart is very full this evening. It was one like never before full of discovery, blessing, warmth, and many smiles. Months ago I drove past this beautiful mosaic, and as soon as I had a chance to stop, I scribbled on a post it note "16th & Island" to remind me to return with my camera.

Tonight on our way to check out another gathering we were curious about, I realized we were in the same neighborhood, and I happened to have my camera with me. Pops agreed to stop for me to take some photos. Then it occurred to me what this incredible work was embellishing.

God's Extended Hand Mission serves up two church services, followed by two meals a day to San Diego's homeless people.
I stood across the street to take this picture, and one of the people sitting on the street said "That's Steve! Smile Steve!" and he did. The man then said to me, "pretty cool mosaic huh? " and I told him that it took my breath away.

Click on any of these photos to get a better look at some beauty that is real and true. The first one is certainly worth a closer look.

I walked around the corner to capture the rest of the building with tears welling up in my eyes, and a smiling man came out with literally an "extended hand" to shake mine and introduce himself, and wondered if he could give me a quick tour of the place. I told him that my family was waiting for me in the car, but if he had any literature on it I would be grateful.

He found a brochure to give me, and at that time I got to meet the Pastor too. He was so warm and friendly that in those few moments in the very most inner city, I felt very much at home.

These folks are doing their job...their mission, and they could use any help that is available and offered. is their website if you feel so led to give in any way.

I told the guys I met that I thought God was really using the artwork. That personally it had brought me over and profoundly touched me, and then the people did. They shared with me that the facility was going to be torn down before the mosaic was created, and that the piece took four years to make. Amazing.

By the time I returned to the car, Pops was worried. What I thought was only a few minutes, was enough time to cause concern. He was relieved to see the smile on my face as I apologized and shared my experience with him. I want to come back. Next time, to give instead of receive.

It was time to be off to our evening's planned plans.

"Yappy Hour"
Much to my surprise and delight, there was my friend Tamandra Michaels with her dog, Borias, right as we walked in to this wonderful roof top gathering.

Tami & Bo are an inspiration to me in the arts and Spina Bifida community. I met them through my job, and have been meaning for our families to meet up for a long time. Tonight was one that was clearly reserved for divine appointments, so it was perfect to see them there.

Tami is an incredibly talented painter and photographer, and you can check out her work at

Some views from the Yappy Hour roof top.

You could even see the game if you were so inclined.
We had a ball!
Lots of love in San Diego tonight, and I believe none of it was coincidental.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celebrating Freedom

Sharing such a beautiful day with my family and friends on Memorial Day overwhelmed me with gratitude to the service men and women of this country. Our favorite park seemed all the more radiant that day full of sunshine and the buzz of people observing the holiday.

This photo was taken by a woman who just walked up to us and asked if she could take our picture. I think the tiny wheel chair triggers an uncommon feeling in passers by, but it blessed me all the same.

This ride on the kiddie train led to this WONDERFUL nap.

So while Pops was a-reading, and The Little Pie was a-sleeping, I decided to take some pictures of Balboa Park's lovely water lilies.

Our spot. We picnicked, napped, and just enjoyed the day together.

My Boys.

After Annabelle woke from her nap, we headed over to the evening gathering at Casa de Kess.

Sharing stories, laughter, and breaking bread together at one of the warmest tables in town.

Unca Day blocks the stairs.

Our Adey Family.

Happy kids at play.

Annie and Dot.

What a fine, fine day of blessings.