Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Fairy Enchanted Ball Indeed

What's more charming and delightful than an Enchanted Fairy Ball? Not a thing.
So fortunately, our little Fairy Belle was invited to the Fairy Ball, and enchanted it was!

Serena Fairy happens to be an artist,
so her fairy guests were all invited to create their own wings to begin the celebration.

Ready for the Ball!

Here is where the Queen Fairy tells the story of Spring in Fairy Land,
and the festivities of the Ball.

And then it was time to dance around the MAY POLE,
created with love by the King Fairy.

The fairies then wandered into the garden and... did what fairies do!

But the wonderful May Pole continued to bring so much joy to everyone around.
Especially this fairy.

Fairies at the Lily Pond.

And back to the May Pole!

Side by side Fairies...

and Fairies that found little frogs!

And a Mama Fairy that cannot resist her Little Fairy.

Fun with the Fairy of honor.

Woodland Fairies.

Fighting for the honor ( and entertainment ) of the Fairies,
were the King and little Prince Fairies.

And Fairy Belle continued to be enchanted with the glories of the giant ribbons!

Pretty Garden Fairies...
and even Fishing Fairies!

And here comes trouble...

This little Sassy Fairy takes on the Prince in a duel.

He uses the force...

and so does SHE!

A FORCE to be reckoned with.

Then it was time to make fairy houses.

But the May Pole kept calling the fairies.

Time for fairy cake decorated by Serena Fairy herself.

Gathering for pictures with their fairy house creations.

The littlest fairy of all...
with her Sister Fairy.

The Ball was so splendid, that all who attended,
will have sweet fairy dreams for the rest of the Spring...
and be on their Fairy Way.