Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hearts into Spring

Since I have not had the opportunity to post since January, this colossal post covers Valentine's Day through Easter, another road trip, a couple of birthdays, and just many reasons to celebrate. In this posting process when adding so much, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am. In this life, there are many struggles, but so much LOVE to get you through them. My heart is very full after going through these last through months of memories. My love and thanks to you all.

This was my Valentine's gift from Pops. He covered everything he could find in chocolate. Brilliant!

My Funny Valentine.

Auntie Kritters & Unca Day
Getting Riled

Oh my...

Daddy got his girl.
Kid's table
"Grown ups" table.
Our gracious hosts.
Our family.

Kevy, Deron, & Annie.
Look how strong I am!

Annabelle & I decided we didn't get enough of the North West in the Fall, so we hit the road for another adventure. And how! On the way up ( and back ) we rest at our Mercers. There's just something about a friendship that's been there for so long, you end up handing it down to your kids. It's a beautiful thing.

Finally at Gram & Papa's.
Now let's go to sleep.
Uncle Wes & CC have come for a visit to celebrate the dedication of cousin Ava Grace.
Crystal has just asked Gram is she has chocolate.
Chillin' with Wesley.

Our Ava's dedication service.
A whole lotta happy.
Papa dedicating Ava.

The after party!

Completely unplanned, all the kids wore red and black. Nutty! Ended up pretty cute.
Annie & Ava.

Me, my brother, and our girls...
in cozy polka dots.

Annie & CC
So sleepy.
Kristi and her Babe. Girl of the hour!

The Granddaughters Three.

Annie just shouted "YUCK!" I think she was done posing.

So sweet...
and SO beautiful.
Papa & C
Goodbye gathering.

Ava plays peek-a-boo with Gram.

Hand me downs!

A visit with our Fosters.
Annie & Kelsey.
Us Girls.

Washington Spring.

Annabelle thought it was pretty cool to shove herself under this chair at Gram & Papa's house.

At Rosita's in Green Lake.

Cuddling, playing peek-a-boo, and watching the game with Papa.

At the Children's Museum with Ava.
Drawing with light.

What a fun night!

Visits with Auntie Michelley.

What a treat to stay over at our friends the Fitch family for a couple of nights.
Emily all dressed up for a party.

What a family!

Papa's birthday.
Ava got a special cup, and Papa got a special gift.
Birthday pie? Ok then. Darn good!

Ava found a lady bug on the floor to play with.
A treat for me.
More Spring.
Fun at the Wallingford Center where I used to work in Seattle.
Auntie Michelley bought Miss Belle a cupcake, and we got to reconnect with old friends.
So very nice.
Kathleen, and then Robin.

A visit with our Mary Francis.
Always good.

Visit with the Conom family. Fun!

The Richland Clan. A good deal of our family lives in Eastern Washington. Always a gathering to join there.

Me and My Grandma Lu.
C's Great Grandma.
A Grandma Sandwich.

Gram & C

Their love is beyond measure. My folks.
Grandma Lucille with Annabelle Lucille.

They are perfect.

Another visit to our favorite farm.

Yes we have two big dogs at home, but I would take this one in a heartbeat.
Me & Josh the Dog.
Fishin' Fagers.

Sun lit library peeps.

Two Annabelles.

Such good kids.

Visit with Cousin Emily & her Josiah.
So nice!
Time to hit the road home.

Mercers on the way.

My good traveler.
Headed home.

Delightfully, my birthday fell on a day where Corey was playing in a guitar concert at Sammy's Wood Fired Pizza. Friends were gathered anyhow. Might as well!
Annie & Riley.

My Wendy.
Us girls.


Eyes on the prize.

After church we loaded up the troops and headed to our Hawkins in Oceanside.

It was a wonderful day.

Happy Spring!