Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Fun

Consider yourself warned, this is indeed a doozy of a post. It's been a challenge finding the time to make it happen, so I've just clustered these three summer events together. Let's face it, it's no secret that my posts are just about the photos. So here they are.

Some friends of ours rented a house boat on Lake Powell ( Arizona / Utah ) in June, and we were fortunate enough to join them. It was just beautiful, and we really had a great time!

Lake Powell

Unca Day tearin' it up.

Cap'n' Coffee

Hope someone is watching our kid...

One of my personal favorite highlights from the trip, was the kite flying!

How could you not smile, sporting a pink tutu swimmie?

My Friend Nali

The Girls!

Mommy Love

Under Cover Serena

Hot tubbin' with Unca Day.

Crazy Daddy

Cap'n & Co-Cap'n

Otter Pop Kids

Weaver Clan

Fisher Man Hawkins

The House

Father's Day

Balboa Park

Fun at ( in ) the fountain

Making hand prints on the "tablecloth" for Daddy.

4th of July at Casa de Hawkins

Cuddles with Auntie Critters

Grill Master Hawkins

And that is THAT. Happy summer!