Sunday, April 29, 2012

Holy 40!

So I made it to forty.  The Big 4-OHHHH!  The week of my birthday was incredibly festive.
  Truly unforgettable.

Apparently Pops was in charge of making this lovely sangria, and that is how it all began from my perspective.  That's what I first saw.  
There were lots of secrets.

I was banned from the location of the first gathering, so after church, Annabelle and I headed to Old Town for lunch.  We had such a nice day together.
After lunch we spent some time watching the Mexican dancers do their thing.  Annie was overjoyed, and I could barely drag her away from all the beautiful colors in motion.

Then it was time to meet up at Casa de Kess to celebrate my birthday early with friends in town, as we would be out of town on my actual birthday.  People kept wishing me "Happy Almost Birthday!"
 which I appreciated, as I wouldn't be turning forty for three more days.

So much love.

My Wendy ( and host ) lighting LOTS of candles.

On April 18th ( the big day ) we had an appointment at Shriner's Hospital for Children in L.A. They specialize in orthopedics there, and we wanted some more opinions on Annabelle's situation.  It was a very positive visit.  We met with wonderfully kind people who confirmed to us that our Annie is in the best possible  care here in San Diego.  It was a great learning experience, and we're very glad we went.

Annie enjoyed the hospital's murals,
and I got a kick out of the Shrine.

They're really doing good things at this place,
but we were good and ready to move on with the celebration.

We arrived at our hotel in Anaheim that afternoon to spend a couple of days, 
and go to Disneyland and California Adventure!

My Mom and Dad surprised me and drove down for the festivities!  YES!

So we headed to Downtown Disney to have dinner at the "Uva Bar." 
More close friends showed up to celebrate with me!

Including my Cousin Blake from Idaho!

Pops offered to take the tuckered munchkin and grandparents back to where the beds were, and Blake and I agreed to walk home later, because of course we were not done.
You only turn forty once!

This is the post party, and even little Lincoln made it!

Our walk home through what I decided to call "lit up lane."

I had a BEAUTIFUL birthday, and there was still so much more fun to be had.
So it was time to rest up for

Bright and early at Disneyland with my family!
What a TREAT.

We started out on the submarine. I had never been on it before. Didn't even know they had one. 
 Annie loved it!  They had worked in "Finding Nemo" bits here and there.  Very cute.

Annabelle's Disney nap.

Awake and rollin' with Cousin Blake.

Us Lindens.

Teacups and carousel!

Pretty lights everywhere.

Such a great day!

The next day was a little more mellow.  That's the vibe of California Adventure, an old school fair.  I like it! We went on THIS ride...

then THIS happened, and THESE GUYS showed up, so we were able to do THIS...


I've always been a huge Muppets fan.  So this place certainly appeals to me.  

The Monster's Inc. ride.

My Water Baby got to play at the water park at "Bug's Life."

More rides and fun!

To complete the day, we enjoyed another nice meal together, and this is how it ended.
Papa with the block to get the check.  Gram looks concerned for everyone's safety.

April 21st!  A day that us Lindens have been looking so forward to!
The first surf sesh of the season with Life Rolls On!
This time, Pops volunteered for the Green Team, and what a blessing to have my family in town to witness the beauty of what goes on at these events, and watch Annie surf. 
This event was held at Huntington Beach, just twenty minutes from our stay in Anaheim.

Our sweet friends, the Pochop family.
Hunter's turn to surf!

Annie is almost UP!

Green Team.  Oh Yeah!

The post surf bundle and cuddle.
She did so well. So proud of our little mermaid.

Chillin' with Blake...

and Gram & Papa!

We've made some AMAZING friends here!
This has happened every time now.  Annie gets super happy after surfing.  It's her post party.  The post surf STOKE.  She laughs and smiles the whole rest of the day.

Until she does THIS.  She's dreaming of waves.

So that was the first week of my forties.  I'm not sure if it's the turning forty, or all we packed into it , 
but now I'm tired too.
What a life!