Saturday, November 29, 2008


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of extreme joys and challenges resulting in many blessings to be grateful for. We attended the dedication and celebrated the adoption of Mari Crittenden, the baptism of baby Grace Weaver, and celebrated the first Thanksgiving for little Annie & Keaton with friends Hawkins & Jacksons. All shared with friends that are considered family. I have bitter-sweetly started back to work part time, and Pops is home on his six week paternity leave. We have been in and out of the hospital for several cast removal replacements, and watched in amazement as our little girl's feet are gradually turning to their proper position. We have also been in and out of the E.R. with deep concern of a malfunction in the shunt in Annabelle's head ( thankfully she is fine, but we have not abandoned our concern ). Such is life to keep rolling in those extremes from joy to challenge and back again.

We've just been keeping with the theme of the last year. It's no secret that the joys and challenges have been abundant. We have seen pain we could have never imagined and joy we never thought possible. We have seen the love, mercy, grace, and generosity of our Creator as He has entrusted to us our miracle baby Annabelle. The outpouring of support we've been given in every way from friends, family, and even people we've never met has been comforting and humbling beyond words. Our home is the house that love built, and continues to build both literally and figuratively. For all of this, "grateful" hardly seems enough. But we are. We are TRULY GRATEFUL.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful, joyous, challenging, turbulent, heart breaking, phenomenal life with us. We are so very blessed, and I lift up my thanks to you!

Silly Games

Ok, so for the whopping three of you who indulged me with guesses on my last post, thanks, and here are the answers.

1-thrift store
2-padded hanger
3-regular shop
4-padded hanger

This little game has confirmed my belief in 2nd hand shopping. I had several people tell me they "just couldn't tell." Hooray for thrift stores! And a heartfelt thanks to my lovely and talented model.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Padded Hangers

Considering that I now have a little doll to dress up, I have had to use a great amount of restraint in the purchasing of clothes for her. It's just so tempting, and I think I've done pretty well. I only bought a few things while I was pregnant, and even after Annie was born ( not that shopping was really a priority ) I didn't do much at all. Now that we're into month four, and the appointments and being a new parent has calmed down a bit, the story has changed. My restraint justified some splurging.

When it comes to shopping, I am part thrift or vintage, and part boutique. When it comes to my wallet, the first parts usually win. I've always enjoyed the hunt for gems at the 2nd hand stores. It's become a finely tuned skill for me, and I like that it's recycling. All that said, now and then I find myself under the seductive powers of a boutique. Both of these venues offer things you won't see a million of, and mean you don't have to brave the dreaded mall ( much to the chagrin of Pops, the dread melts away if the mall has an Anthropologie ). While I was pregnant, entering a store like Babies R Us would nearly throw me into a panic attack. Now that I've gotten used to the scene and I've discovered they sort of have a boutique section of clothing, I don't so much mind the trip anymore. Last week I did both kinds of shopping for Annabelle.

Her casts have created some fashion challenges that I was more than willing to find creative ways to remedy. The weather is a bit cooler now, and most of her clothes are Summer pieces, so we needed to get some Fall and Winter things that would be cast friendly. Especially since we'll be in Washington in December. I don't mind her casts showing sometimes, but it's nice to go out with her, and not have strangers ask "what happened?" It's fun to fashionably conceal them. So with these things in mind, I went to a thrift store, and to the foofy section of Babies R Us to dress up my Dolly, and let her stylishly blend in her casts. The trip to Babies R Us was a family one, and was mostly intended for the purchasing of crib bedding. We are getting ready to move Miss Belle into the nursery and out of her bassinet in our bedroom. But that's a whole new post for a different day. I picked out some things and brought them to Pops with a nervous smile. His response was "how about only ONE padded hanger ( meaning shwanky ) per trip?" We compromised at two, and one from now on, which will definitely not be very often. Fortunately, the "padded hanger" items I selected were marked down, and then I also bought a couple of things from the regular section. The day before, I made a trip to the local Veteran's ( how appropriate ) thrift store and spent $20 on a bag full. The priciest item was $1.65, and there were several things that were .65 or .95. I love it. The 2nd hand baby clothes are in great condition as they grow so fast that they don't wear them out.

And now, just for fun, I'd like to see if you can tell a difference in the padded hangers or regular pieces, and the thrift store purchases. Feel free to post your guesses in the comment section. The tops don't count in the pictures of Lu-Belle in skirts or pants. I didn't purchase any tops. There are three padded hanger items, two regular, and four thrift store. Have fun guessing!










Friday, November 7, 2008

I Love Being Three Months Old!

It's hard to believe it's been three months. It seems like yesterday and a really long time ago all at once. I can't imagine life without this little girl now. She has rocked my world into lovely.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Annie got her casts put on today to straighten out her little feet. As per usual, she was a real trooper. She did much better than I did with it. The casts are pretty big, heavy, and awkward, and they go all the way from toe to hip. She will be recast every week for two to three months. I already miss her soft little legs. Ok, I'll say it... I will also miss her precious club feet. I know it sounds crazy, or even wrong. Think what you will. I know it's for the best, and I'd never wish anything less for my darling girl, but it's how God made her. It's how I fell in love with her, and I'm admitting today that I will miss them. She is so beautiful to me no matter what.

Bless her heart.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

For Wendy

From the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same...

The name of the Lord shall be praised.
Happy November 3rd!