Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grateful for the Merry New Year!

Holy Holiday Happenings that left me with no time to post!
Oh well. That's why I enjoy The Post Party.
It's all post... the party.

So if I pick up remotely where I left off, or just skip to the next holiday, that brings us to Thanksgiving of LAST YEAR. Those crazy Hawkins talked us into to signing up for the Oceanside Turkey Trot that they do every year.
I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did.
If you must run, along the ocean isn't a bad idea.
Annabelle absolutely LOVED it.
The participants!
The Linden Turkeys.

Post Trotting, it was time to head to L.A. to spend Thanksgiving at the Jackson home.

Such a warm and lovely time breaking bread together and giving thanks.
The next day while many hit the malls, we decided the neighborhood park was a good idea.
Annie and I found a pile of leaves that was calling our names.

Buckley checking in.
The Jackson Boys played ball...

While the rest of the crew enjoyed the jungle gym.
A weekend play date.

We somehow managed some Autumn fun here in Southern California.

For us Lindens, going to get our tree always starts the Christmas season.

In front of our find.

aaaaand finished!
It's funny how traditions just seem to happen.
Not starting out planned but ending up that way, and looking forward to the comforting usual. One of ours that we have grown to love, is exchanging ornaments each year.

The 2010 ornaments.
Coincidentally, three out of four were beach specific.

We were blown away by a Christmas party hosted by Dr. Pickering ( Annie's pediatrician ) for special needs families at the Ronald McDonald House. So touching to see what goes on at this beautiful facility to make families as comfortable and accommodated as possible while their children are in the hospital across the street.

Free photos with Santa!
Braving the lines at the mall for some of these kids and their parents is just way too much.
So Santa comes to them!
Just wonderful.
Annabelle could feel the love in this place. She was so happy the whole evening.
Annie with Dr. Pickering.
The best!

Our Girl flipped over this modern fountain. She's always been fascinated with water in any form, but this water came with a MIRROR. Brilliant!

All the kids got to pick out toys from a room filled floor to ceiling. What a blessing.

Annie's choice ( Cookie! ) just happened to match the Christmas tree there.

We had such a lovely and festive time, that we decided to punctuate the evening with dinner at "our place" that is always so pretty, but especially at Christmastime. We try to go at least once that time of year.
Old Venice.

Last sip!

Annie likes it too.
Dreaming about our beautiful day.

The Children's Christmas musical at church is always fun.
I look forward to when Annie can participate. Maybe this year!
This is the Angel Gabriel playing his heart out for the New Born King.

What it's about.
She gave it four stars!

Later that evening, fun with Christmas lights!

Christmas at Sea World, in a SEA of Poinsettias.

Christmas Eve spent with our Kesslers.

Christmas Day!
and then to the tree!

Annie and Pops hand painted my new favorite mug.

And then Auntie Kritters came over!
And it got even merrier.

The Christmas Castle. Pure bliss for the Little Miss.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

We decided to ring in the new year with Annabelle's very first HAIRCUT.
We went to this fantastic kid's salon called " Pigtails & Crew Cuts" that Pops took her to for French braids while I was out of town on business. He had no idea what to do with her locks, and everyone thought it was adorable that he took her there.

The before...sniff...sniff...

The waiting room.
And the time has come!

Is this place awesome or what? The Hairdresser in the background with the blue hair, is the one who braided Annie's hair months earlier, and when she came back she greeted her with a "welcome back beautiful." It blessed me.
Ready, set,...GO!

More pretty braids.

Thank you for trimming my tangles Miss Tuesday!

Big Girl!
All fixed up for New Year's HOME.

Pops made a delicious Beef Wellington for the occasion.

Which was enjoyed by all!
We've got our "it's really late and we're old" faces on.
Even though we ARE NOT.

Happy New Year!!

Kristy talked us into getting our home bodies out to the Wild Animal Park on New Year's Day. She was all worked up about the new bat exhibit.
Daddy & Little Bat.
Nutball Bats.

Annie's highlight of the day.
A fort that had the very cool "rain" water feature.

She could have stayed there all day.
A great start to 2012!

I will close this giant post with the next big change of the new year
New peepers!
This is Annie reading for the first time with her new glasses,
as we watched her discover a whole new world!

She's already rockin' this new year.
Let's join her!