Monday, December 8, 2008

The Stuff of Sleep

Last night was the first night that Annabelle spent in her crib, in the nursery. She was not in our bedroom, in the bassinet, next to me. She slept just fine. I did not. She just felt so far away. This will take a little getting use to. I'm guessing that sleep deprivation will help the getting use to it. I'm not really sure what I ever did without her.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Smile Breaks

In becoming a parent you have so many hopes of teaching your beloved wee one all you can of the wonders of this world and warning them of all the not so wonderful. Inevitably, they end up teaching you. Annabelle is four months old today, and has already taught me so many things. One of my personal favorites is: when you are tasking away on a mission, take smile breaks. She does this when she is nursing. It hasn't ceased to crack me up. She'll be feed-feed-feeding away and just suddenly stop, smile, and then go back about her business. It's adorable! And it's admirable. I picture her exclaiming ( like Will Ferrell in Elf ) "I love smiling! Smiling's my favorite!"

So when you're tasking away with the busy hustle and bustle of the season, take a break, and smile with Annie.