Thursday, April 30, 2009

Art Lessons

I'm so excited to get the opportunity to teach art now and then at the Team Kess Academy! It's so much fun, and just a tiny way I can give back a little with all the Kesslers have done for us Lindens. The boys did a fantastic job on our first lesson together. It's WONDERFUL to see what they come up with! We will be working on abstract concepts, line drawing, and watercolor for awhile. They actually got really creative with their subjects, and decided to draw people outside, using the window as their easel.   I'm very proud of my art students!

Who knew there would be creative writing involved?!  Well done Riles.  Looking so forward to the next art day coming up soon!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Through Thick and Thin

Going through something really difficult, and having a friend who just gets it, is like shelter from a storm.  It's like...well...mercy.  Today I thank God for Heather Mercer.  She's always been there, and she just gets it.

Happy Birthday Heather.  We're so glad you were born!  

Monday, April 13, 2009

First Easter

Annabelle's first Easter was wonderful.  The weather was gorgeous, the brass horns sounded off in celebratory splendor at church, and the family gathering to follow was super fun and delicious! We hope that your Easter was lovely as well.

Getting ready for church.

I know it looks like she's crying, but these are smiles.

Kristy Kisses

Ok, so she has lots of kids and grandkids, but what's one more for Lois Hawkins?
Reading the special book she gave us.


Annie & Main Man Keaton, and the one photo I have of Mama Marci... of... her arm.

This is exactly the shennanegans it looks like.  A friendly game of bocce ball with sombreros... I mean, Easter bonnets.

Not surprisingly, at the height of the ding battery.

Thank Heaven for little girls.

Sweet Easter dreams.