Thursday, October 27, 2011

On Sincerity

The Linden family is definitely of the mind that the Bates Nut Farm is truly "the most sincere pumpkin patch" ( thank you Linus! ) in our neck of the woods. So with dear friends, we mustered up some Autumn spirit ( despite the heat and traffic) and enjoyed plenty of reasons to smile.

Pony rides!

Furry friends.

Ok, now who seriously does NOT want to hold a BUNNY? Really? So sad.
Not interested.
Buckley & Pops.

Wendy & Annie.

The Pumpkins.

The Patch!

Team Kess.

Me & My Pumpkin.

This photo really embodies our journey with Annabelle. Just standing back not knowing what to do with ourselves as she charges through life in her own unique way. I love it.

See? Lots-oh-smiles. So sincere!

Selection is serious business.

I'll take those two!
Annie with her "Big Brothers." So precious...right?
mmm hmm...

Tom & Miss Emma.

I'd like this one please.

Daddy Kess with his family's selection.

Our Boy.

Buckley & Emma.

You guys ready to go?


What a patch of Pumpkins!


matt said...

So fun!

Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...

I think that photo of Annabelle with the bunny is hysterical.

I'm with her though. You couldn't pay me to want to hold a bunny. Bunny is just a cute way of saying Rabbit. No, thanks!

I think it's great that you guys have such a huge group of friends who get together to do these things. How fun.