Friday, January 30, 2009

The Who Swoop

Not only do we have a gazillion nicknames for Annabelle, but the nicknames have begun to compartmentalize. She has a really good Who Swoop. I'm referring to her nose. Makes her look like a little Who. Annie Lu Who, who is twelve pounds plus two. You could even see her Who-ness when she was in the Annabelly. Lots of kisses get planted in the swoop. Seems to be what it was made for.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Out Of These Woods

And on to the next. Maybe the next glen will smell less like betadine and dermabond, and more like wild flowers. Here's hoping. Last week was indeed a doozy full of anxiety and concern, and I must admit, fear. True to form, Annabelle soared through the lot of it ( two different surgeries on her sweet little noggin ) , and gave us plenty of "what's all the fuss about? " expressions. Makes mom and dad look pretty wimpy. I got a laugh out of Pops when I asked him if he thought either one of us would go home the day after having a two part brain surgery. I'm telling you, this Little Champ is an old soul. I'm sure that sounds ridiculous, but I know it to be true.

One of the many positive things that has happened on this journey with Miss Belle, is how my view of hospitals has changed. It's not the dark and scary place where people hurt you, it's the safe haven where people care and make you better. I know that this is not the experience of many, and I pray that Annie will share our feelings on the matter as we have been so fortunate to have received amazing care from so many doctors and nurses. The NICU at Mary Birch here in San Diego is one of the most loved filled rooms I have ever set foot in. I got that same feeling during our stay at Rady Children's Hospital for Annie's surgery last week. Our little Angel has put us in contact with a whole host of Angels, and for that we are truly grateful.

This picture was taken the day we came home from the hospital. As if to say "aahhh, home sweet home." The pose in the photo is not a pose. This is how she sleeps pretty much every time. What a crack up! She's a lounger. Like she doesn't have a care in the world. It's another thing she's trying to teach her parents who both have tendencies to be a bit high strung.

Thanks to those of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers. It has meant so very much to us. Just doing our best to stand on the Rock that is solid. Holding on and letting go simultaneously.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Head to Toe

In the last week we've learned that Annabelle has to have two more major surgeries. One to correct the position of her feet is scheduled for March 24th, and a "shunt revision" ( my mommy ears only hear BRAIN SURGERY ) will be scheduled for some time next week. The 2nd one was just discovered today. There is a malfunction in the shunt in Annie's head. It is not draining properly. We Lindens have had better and worse days. Pretty tough, and yet we know we can get through it. Your prayers are appreciated to just get us through the next week. We are hoping to not have to make any trips to the emergency room between now and then with symptoms we've been told to look out for, and laying awake and becoming sleep deprived won't help us help her. Avoiding the above mentioned and soaking up her sweetness are the goals for now.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My apologies for the same ol' , same ol', Stuff of Sleep for over a month ( makes me yawn just thinking about it ). The holiday season kicked my tukus right out of the blogoshpere and then some. I'm hoping this doesn't become a pattern. It always cracks me up when people post about not posting. And so it goes... BESIDES! This IS The Post Party isn't it? I think I had to pack up Christmas ( along with all the Orthodox folks half way through January! sheesh... )before posting about it all. As this is incredibly long, you'll have to just look at it as a family album from the last month. Take your time, or skip on through. AND, it moves backwards. Now to then...

So many blessings to speak of... Oh where to begin? Annabelle's first Christmas was wonderful, sparkling white, and incredibly eventful. We are so grateful for safe travels, being able to spend unforgettable time with family and friends, and gathering to meet people who have relentlessly prayed and invested so much into our family.

Well, hope you enjoy the afterglow!

Now to then... Annabelle is going to the Team Kess Academy two days a week, and she loves it!

New Year's Day: Annabelle's Circle continues! The only thing missing from these New Year's photos is Solmaz, the one behind the camera!

Keaton is my youngest good buddy!
and I love him.
Happy Sidney
Happy New Year!!
Grandma Lucille's lamp post in Richland. The place to meet aunts, uncles, cousins...everyone! A very Rich Land indeed.
Four generations of the gals!
Uncle Wes
The continuous cast signing. That's crazy Aunt Kristi.
Auntie Heather
View from Grandma Lucille's balcony

AAaahh siblings...and CC!
enjoyable decor

I love my name's sake!
The photo shoot with Grandma Lucille

Gram & Papa
Mommy & Auntie Heather
Papa & Daisy
Heather & Cousin Crystal ( CC! )


You can't expect me to always be ON!

Gram, Neal, & Marcia
CC smooches! She loves me.
They finally meet!

Traveling with Gram and Papa takes us to places like this...
Bernie wrote a beautiful poem for me and gave it to Mommy & Daddy.
That's Auntie Ju Ju too.
Papa had to cancel church because of snow, so church came to us!

Meeting for Sushi with Michelle. She kissed my cast!

Meeting the Lovely Parkers

Our wonderful neighbor Roseanne made Annie this beautiful sweater, and she wore it the whole chilly, snowy trip! Thanks Roseanne!
Bloggin' w/Daddy at our Days!

They love me.
Cookin' curry with Jenn.
Sadly, I don't have photos from our snowy Dunsire party. Sorry team.

Christmas at Gram & Papa's house. There were these beautiful, chubby Robins all gathering in their berry trees for food. Tons of them in the snowy branches. So pretty!

Gram's tree always looks so nice.
Christmas with Team Kess
And at home...

My first tree!
Wishing I had more photos of the wonderful Christmas party with Sunday School class in Escondido. Warmest thanks and blessings to you.
Mom's Christmas work dinner
Picking out our tree!
My Mama wore this when she was little like me.

So if that all seemed it was too. Chaoticly wonderful!!

Big thanks to Gram & Papa for flying us to Washington, and to Mike & Anna Cook for house and Buckley sitting, and surprise working on our house!

May God bless you this year!!!