Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer into Fall

So there has been a whole lotta livin' and not much time for postin' lately. Thus, another gargantuan post to cover the highlights of the past season into this one.

We received a scholarships from the SBA to attend the National Spina Bifida Conference that just happened to be in Anaheim in June this year. Pops attended all sorts of lectures, Annabelle wheeled into SB kids camp here and there, and we met so many wonderful people. We were generously given rewards points from friends to be able to stay at a hotel in the area, and Gram & Papa funded a play day at Disneyland. What an incredible opportunity and blessed time for our family!

We wondered if there was much point in taking a not even three year old to Disneyland, but Annie absolutely loved everything we did, and pretty much smiled ear to ear the whole time, so that was the point.

The must have Mickey Ears.

She loved The Tiki Room!

At THE Castle.

Small World.


Rides! And let me tell you, Disneyland is ON THE BALL when it comes to accommodating the differently abled. It was fabulous!
Annie fell asleep in the line to have a picture taken with Minnie. So Minnie very adorably made a "sshhhh!" sign for the photo.
She got Disneyed!
What a magical day!

The conference was fantastic.
This is the kid's camp where living life without limits is highly encouraged.

We got to meet many people that we were already friends with in the SB community on line. It felt like we were old friends, and have gathered several times since with theses guys.
Common Ground.
Annabelle loves her friend Silas.
Sweet Hopper family.

Flirting with buddy Grey.

Linus & Sally- "Isn't he the cutest thing!"

The masses of SB families gathered.

Annabelle morphing into Tinkerbelle at Downtown Disney.
Tink watching SB-Ball!

The conference was held at The Disneyland Hotel, so there were many celeb sightings.

Happy Thoughts.

Lunch with buddy Jason.
Back at kid's camp, new friend and tennis star, Anthony Lara worked with Annabelle.
She LOVED it!

She took over this guy's job throwing tennis balls to the players.

Tuckered Tattooed Tink.
Showing off our tats.

Us Lindens.

The lasts hurrahs with wonderful friends.
So much BEAUTY.
Saying goodbye.
So blessed.

Our Girl turned three this Summer. Time is flying! And so are we...
Here we are on the beautiful sky ride at Sea World.

On Annie's 3rd birthday this year, just the THREE of us spent the day together. No big party, just big smiles.
At the Sesame Street movie.
( Sea World has a whole S.S. section )

Feeding the Sea Lions.
Birthday ice cream!

Big Three Year Old.

When you don't throw a party for your kid's birthday, people wonder why. So the next day our Kesslers came over for dinner so they could spoil Annie.
Pops baked this cute cake.

Gram & Papa funded this awesome art table that has a chalk board surface, and a role of butcher paper that is underneath and pulls through the top. She fits perfectly at it, in her wheelchair.
Thanks Mom & Dad!

Wheelin' with her Big Brothers

Summer evening picnic.

Cake Baker.

Us Girls.

Getting Spoiled.


Annabelle is truly a little mermaid. This kid is happiest in the water. It's really something. She loves baths, fountains, swimming, and has most recently discovered surfing in the BIG BLUE OCEAN. ( we'll get to that a bit later ). Such a water baby. This is at our hotel ( courtesy of Team Kess ) in Anaheim, where we attended the National Spina Bifida Conference.

This is at a friend's pool with our Kesslers.

With Wendy...
and Big Brothers.

At home in the kiddie pool. Lots of time spent here beating the heat of Lemon Grove!

Personal mister. Pretty funny.

You bring it Daddy!


Applauding Summer 2011

It's so hard to believe that Annie is already in school.
We are thrilled with Miss Liza, her teacher.
She sends us lots of photos, videos, and updates on how our little one is doing. It has made this transition so much easier.
Annie attends Vista La Mesa Academy four days a week, three hours a day.

She seems to be enjoying it.

Little Surfer Girl!
So Annabelle has recently become a surfer, and it's so exciting! She end-capped her first week of preschool at the beach. Pops has already done a nice post on the matter, so I will defer this portion of my already giant post to his blog.

It's been a very eventful and extraordinary Summer, and we continue to look forward to all of the beautiful adventures ahead.